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Aliso Viejo Window Installation is a full-service glass installation company located in Aliso Viejo. Replacement windows is our specialty. We also provide a comprehensive range of other glass services to fulfill your requirements. With our skills and experience, we make sure to leave every one of our clients satisfied. We believe that the greatest quality install supplies are required to complete a quality installation that will last a lifetime. You can reach us by phone at (949) 867-7009 or by completing the form below.

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Retro Fit Windows

The type of installation and frame style used to determine whether a window is Retro Fit or Replacement is referred to as Retro Fit or Replacement. This sort of window is made to fit into a pre-existing window frame. This type of installation can usually be completed in one day with no damage to the external or interior walls. The exterior flange of retro fit windows allows them to cover your previous window frame.

Block Frame Windows

The replacement window can be placed into an existing wood framed window or a cement block opening with this frame design. This type of window is frequently used to replace ancient wood single and double hung windows. The new window is designed to fit into most existing apertures with minimal trimming. This preserves the original appearance of your wood window opening while providing the benefits of new dual-glazed windows.

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Total Replacement

We have the solution if you don’t want the retro-fit style or want to keep your home’s original look. When the current window frames are completely removed from the house and new windows are installed as new construction, this is referred to as total replacement.

This type of window replacement takes more than one day to complete. To get to the original nail flange, we’ll have to remove some outside stucco or wood siding. The internal walls must be trimmed back to accept the new bigger, more efficient window frame after the old window is removed.

New Construction

New construction windows are used in new construction. We can assist you with any project, whether it’s a room renovation or the construction of a condominium complex. For all applications, we provide competitive price and expert installation. We’ve even worked with straw bale construction to add windows. Our experience in new building windows attracts a lot of general contractors. We can help you with your window purchase and installation whether you are performing a new building build yourself or have hired a contractor.

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Window replacement is a crucial aspect of any home remodeling project. It’s time for a new set of windows if you want to raise the value of your home! We are all aware that aging windows can cause energy loss as well as other issues. These arguments will demonstrate why replacing them with newer, more efficient models is critical. Read on to learn why replacing your old windows should be at the top of your priority list!

Impove Your Energy Efficienty and Performance

According to the US Department of Energy, windows are responsible for more than 25% of the average household's energy expenses because they are leaky and inefficient. It's time to replace your window if you have to prop it up with a book or a stick. By selecting windows with double-pane insulated glass, heat-resistant coatings, airtight frames, and/or Energy Star ratings, homeowners can save roughly 15% on energy costs. Simonton Windows, for example, manufactures Energy Star rated windows.

Noise Reduction

Outdoor noise and clutter will be reduced by installing new insulated or double-pane windows with 1/4 inch to 1 inch of air between the panes. Noise is reduced even further with larger air gaps and thicker glass. If you live near an airport or on a busy street, this is very crucial.

Improve Your Household Security

Window replacement can also improve the security of your property. Single-pane windows are easy to break into and offer little protection against a thief. Newer, double-pane windows are significantly more difficult to break, and they frequently have safety glass that will keep together if they do break.

Storm Windows Are No Longer Required

If you still have ancient storm windows, they must be removed. Storm windows are often composed of wood or aluminum, but energy-efficient alternatives provide similar benefits without the additional material that requires upkeep.

Reduced Maintenance

Newer weather-resistant materials require less care; for example, vinyl windows and aluminum-clad exteriors do not require painting. Window frames and sills made of vinyl or plastic do not need to be painted and can be readily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Home Attractiveness

The curb appeal of your home is also affected by the windows. For every $100 spent on replacements, a great window display can raise the value of your home by up to $20. Not only will you save money on heating and cooling, but your home's value may also rise when it's time to sell. New energy-efficient windows, like any other home improvement, are a significant investment. New windows will almost always help to raise the resale value of your house or business. In most cases, they can raise the resale value of a home by as much as 70% or more of the cost of window replacement.

Keep The Weather Outsider

Modern replacement window types can help you prevent drafts, moisture damage, rot, and vermin while also saving money on your heating bills. Replacing your home's original double pane glass units is also an excellent approach to lessen pollution from external sources.

Protect Your Material

UV rays from the sun are extremely potent, fading furniture, artwork, carpets, and finishes. New windows can also help protect your furniture and carpeting from the sun's UV rays, which can be harmful to them.

Cleaning is Easy

Choose newer windows that tilt in or open from the side for easy cleaning. Many double-hung windows now have tilting sashes, allowing you to wipe both the inner and exterior glass surfaces from within the house. Vinyl or plastic window frames and sills will never need to be painted and can be readily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Glass Failure

For some situations, such as window installations with low sill heights, tempered glass is required by code. Consider laminated impact-resistant glass, which is designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and the impact of airborne debris in more harsh settings, such as coastal areas.




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