Window Installation

total Replacement

replacing windows

We have the solution if you don’t want the retro-fit style or want to keep your home’s original look. When the current window frames are completely removed from the house and new windows are installed as new construction, this is referred to as total replacement.

This type of window replacement takes more than one day to complete. To get to the original nail flange, we’ll have to remove some outside stucco or wood siding. The internal walls must be trimmed back to accept the new bigger, more efficient window frame after the old window is removed. The external flashing and waterproofing are then re-flashed, followed by the installation of a new window. Following installation, the exterior is restored to match the existing condition, and the internal dry wall is also touched up. As you can guess, this process could result in a lot of dust and a lot of mess. Our installers are educated in a variety of strategies to reduce the amount of mess created during installation. You will be more than satisfied with our services.

This type of window replacement may require a building permit in some circumstances. The cost is quite affordable, and the inspection process is really straightforward. Allow the professionals at Window Solutions to handle everything for you.